Heward is Lord of Composition, revered by troubadours, bards, and other musicians across the Flanaess. He is also revered by those who construct musical instruments.

Cult in the World

Heward’s cult is small, and shrines to this Hero cult are often as not located within larger temples dedicated to Lirr, Lydia, or Olidammara. Whereas Olidammara is the Rogue, Lydia the Sage, and Lirr the Lyricist, Heward is the one who “writes the songs”, wringing the musical notes from a wide variety of musical instruments (and creating new ones at a steady pace). Followers of Heward seek to emulate their god, and in doing so they fill the world with music.

Heward’s High Holy Day is the 23rd of Planting, with lesser services held each Godsday. Services are conducted indoors or out, but must be in a place where music is normally played; an auditorium, field, or practice hall are all acceptable so long as music is generally practiced or played in that location.

Heward’s clerics do not favor any particular garb, though all wear silver pins sculpted to resemble a large pipe organ.



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