Fists of Sargon

The Fists were founded almost 600 years ago by a former Jedi Knight named Sargon. He broke with the order after being overruled by the Council in how he handled a minor dispute between two noblemen, one of whom he was certain had ties to the Dragon Kingdom.

After wandering for a number of years, he began to develop a new relationship with, and philosophy concerning the Force (i.e. he fell to the Dark Side), and began sharing his new revelations to anyone who was willing to listen.

Soon, he had a small group of followers, but feared persecution by the far larger and more influential Jedi, so he fled off world, eventually settling in the southern foothills of the Khalkist Mts. He and his followers kept mostly to themselves, but after his death the group began to splinter; some acolytes, hearing the name Sargon, thought they were followers of Sargonnis, and an actual cult to Sargonnis eventually formed in the heart of the Fists and remade it into the order it is today.

The new Fists of Sargon became an even darker group, rivaling the Sith in many ways (and having recovered a Sith Holocron, learning much of their ancient lore). A fair number of hobgoblins are members, second only to humans. They may or may not have put out feelers to the nights
of Neraka concerning an alliance of some kind, much like the one the Jedi enjoy with the Knights of Athenia.

Lacking light sabers, they employ only the alchemically treated swords presented in the Dark Side source book, and also have a type of alchemically treated armor that will still provide a small amount of DR vs. a light saber. Such items, unlike a lightsaber, can be enchanted.

They have also recently come into the possession of two items that may change their future status, a jedi lightsaber, and a flying ship the likes of which none of the three worlds have seen in thousands of years…

Fists of Sargon

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