Delleb is the god of Reason & Intellect for the Oeridian pantheon, as well as the god of Magic. Where his brother Erythnul is violent, emotional, and glories in bloodshed, Delleb is seen as calm, serene, and at the very least, deeply concerned by the uses to which the magic he grants is put.

Cult in the World

Delleb serves his pantheon and his followers as the voice of reason, often standing at the right hand of Zilchus’ servants in negotiations. Magic is seen as a stabilizing force, to be used to even the odds between opponents, not to overpower.

Delleb’s faith is split into two main sects, the Magi and the Solon. The Magi practice the arts of wizardry, while the Solon practice sorcery. Each of these sects are broken up into smaller sects, covering the whole range of magical study (except for Wild Magic, which is the special province of the god Zagyg.)

Delleb’s High Holy Days are the 25th thru the 28th of Sunsebb, known collectively as the Days of Thought. Lesser observances are held on Godsday of each week, which are held in the College- Temples of their order.

Both orders prefer white robes with silver, gold, or platinum trimmings for their followers.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Good, Knowledge: Law, Magic


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