Boccob was originally the husband of Beory, and the father to Pelor and Tharizdun. He is known by many titles, but most commonly as the “Archmage of the Deities”, for he is among the Dawn Lords, the deities present at the creation of the world.

He is also revered as the Master of Arcane Knowledge, because it is said that there is no fact he does not know. Finally, he also bears the appellation ‘The Uncaring’’ because it is his curse to know such things; in fact to know ALL things, because his vision encompasses all places, and all times, in one massive panorama. This leaves him little room in his heart for sentiment with regards to lesser beings..

Cult in the World

Boccob’s faith exists to teach magic and to gather knowledge. His followers routinely search ancient ruins for lost magics, create new applications for knowledge, and expand the frontiers of magical knowledge in the world. His followers try to emulate the same detached air their deity maintains with regards to how that knowledge is used, with varying degrees of success. They will provide access to the information they have gained to anyone willing to pay for it.

Boccob’s High Holy Day is the 1st of Needfest, with lesser services on the 1st of each Festival throughout the year. Services are generally conducted within the labyrinth halls of a Temple/ College dedicated to Boccob. Shrines to this god seldom exist, except in individual Wizard’s towers across the Flanaess.

Boccob’s colors are purple with gold trim; robes of priests often have glyphs or full Runes emblazoned upon them in silver or gold thread.

Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Trickery


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