Sword of Nogre


Nogre was a hobniz hero who earned his fame in the Battle of Emridy Meadows. This shortsword, which he claimed from the body of one of his fallen foes possesses a special enchantment, which took him many years to learn the full extent of.. As a weapon, Nogre’s Sword does 1d6+4 damage, has a Weapon Speed of 3, and 12 AP. It adds 25% to the attack and parry skills of it’s wielder, as well.

The shortsword itself is of enchanted silver, and the hilt is wrapped with silver wire over a rich blue fabric. A sapphire caps the hilt, and royal blue enamel fills out the design on the handguard.

The enchantments in Nogre’s Sword contain the following spell matrices:

Spirit: Befuddle, Demoralize, Strength 3
Divine: Chameleon, Shield 2, Sun Sword


Sword of Nogre

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