Torias Lightbringer



Torias Lightbringer

Torias Lightbiringer, eldest son and heir apparent to House Lightbringer was born in the avariel city of Luftar’iel in 448 CY. Twenty years later, his sister Jadzia was born, and a younger brother, Curazon, was born fifty years after Jadzia. As the eldest son, Torias was trained in weapons-craft and spiritual matters as well as the laws and bureaucracy of his home from an early age. However, as the years went by, two things became evident. First was the closeness of Torias and his sister, Jadzia, who joined the cult of Aerdrie upon reaching adulthood. Second, was his brother’s resentment of Torias.

Upon reaching his 100th birthday, Torias was entrusted with handling his house’s negotiations with a human merchant, Geoffry DeLaurentis. The DeLaurentis family was one of the few non-avairel and non-elvish families to know of the existence of the avariel and to be allowed to trade with the city of Luftar’iel. House Lightbringer, being the foremost House in the city, was entrusted with dealing with all outsiders and keeping the location of Luftar’iel secret. Torias eagerly flew to the arranged meeting place, wanting only to prove his competence to his family. Upon his arrival, Torias was immediately smitten with desire for Geoffry’s daughter, Lorelei. Never in his life had he seen a woman of such beauty and exotic looks, with long red hair and piercing green eyes, the young avariel was hoplessly in love with the human woman. As negotiations between Torias and Geoffrey dragged on, Lorelei learned of the avariel’s feeling for her and used them to her advantage. After seducing the young avariel one evening after dinner, she convinced him to secretly show her Luftar’iel. Lorelei utilized her wizardly powers (she had trained as a wizard for many years unbeknownst to her father and longed to rule the family herself) to disguise herself, and Torias led her to the city.

Once inside the city, Lorelei quickly used her magic to place Torias under and enchanted sleep and then proceeded to “acquire” some of the city’s more powerful magical devices. Her greed, however, got the best of her, and she was seen. Again, the wizardess used her magic, and escaped the city. Of the artifacts she stole, she got away with only one, the enchanted sword, Kellbane.

As punishment for his folly, Torias was exiled from the city to retrieve the stolen sword. In disgrace, he left Luftar’iel, vowing to one day return. To aid him on his quest however, his sister gave him three items, two of which she explained to him, the third she gave him without his knowledge. To help him against Lorelei, she gave him a shield of anti-magic and a ring of invisibility. The third item was a tear-shaped earing, which she told her brother was for luck. The earring had three very special enchantments laid upon them, the first allowed Jadzia to locate her brother through it, the second prevents her brother from ever parting with it, and the third will return the earring to Torias if it should ever be lost or stolen. Torias took the items with thanks and departed the city.

For almost 20 years, Torias roamed the Flanaess, until he finally tracked her down. Aided by the items his sister had given him, as well as friends he had acquired during his travels (the human paladin Sir Ronald Glastonbury of St. Cuthbert, the elf sorceress Arilyn Bladesinger (who to this day has “feelings” for Torias, but never told him), Flavius Aurelius a Priest of Celestian (and Darkon, though Torias didn’t know this), and Marcus Aemelius Scaurus, a human warrior,) he entered her tower and after a long battle, defeated her. However, even after so much trouble at her hands, Torias could not kill her. Instead, he turned her over to his friend and comrade, Sir Ronald Glastonbury, who swore to take her back to the City of Greyhawk for trial for crimes she had committed in that city.

While his companions escorted Lorelei back to Greyhawk for trial, Torias began the long journey home. A few days after his battle with Lorelei, Torias was ambushed by a raiding party of gnolls. Wielding Kellbane against the gnolls (for which the blade was created to fight), Torias held his own, slaying many of the dog-faced ones, until their flind shaman recognized the blade. Uttering a cry of despair, he threw himself upon Kellbane and died. With his death, Yeehoghu answered his call for divine intervention and the blade broke in half, leaving Torias to battle the few remaining gnolls with only his normal sword and dagger. Though victorious, Torias took too many small wounds, and eventually slipped into unconsciousness.

When Torias awoke, he found himself in a simple wooden hut, an aged human male tending to his wounds. After much questioning, he discovered that the human, who called himself Thorisin (Actually a Nephar unbeknownst to Torias), found Torias lying bleeding on the plain among the bodies of many slain gnolls. Thorisin brought Torias to his hut to heal the wounded avariel, as he was a Hawk shaman. Thorisin also brought Torias’s equipment, as well as the hilt and broken blade of Kellbane. Torias rested for many days before he was able to move around. During that time Thorisin educated him in the ways of Hawk. Torias absorbed all of the knowledge that Thorisin would share, though he held out hope of one day repairing the blade. Torias spent four years with Thorisin, studying as his apprentice. During this time, his family sent his brother Curazon, out into the world to discover Torias’ fate.

After Torias’ apprenticeship had ended, he continued his journey home, resigned to the fact that Kellbane might never be repaired. During his journey, Torias came upon a village of Wegwuir, recently attacked by orcs. As he searched the ruined village for survivors, he heard a blood curdling scream of terror. The avariel rushed towards the scream, and found a group of orcs preparing to rape a human female no older than 18. The avariel quickly dispatched the surprised orcs and tended to the girl’s wounds. Once she was healed, the young woman, who told Torias her name was Lenya, informed Torias of her debt to him. Not truly wanting to head home in disgrace, and wanting to protect the woman somewhat, Torias remained with her and built a home for them. As time went on, Torias found that he cared for this woman like he had cared for no other before and she returned the feelings. So, Torias and Lenya departed their home and sought out Thorisin.

Thorisin, proud of Torias’ accomplishment and happy that he was able to finally heal from Lorelei’s betrayal, happily married the two. For three years, Torias was happy and soon had two children, Benjamin and James with Lenya. Soon after the birth of James, his brother Curazon found him and, disgusted that his brother had mated with a human, and sensing his opportunity to be rid of Torias once and for all, flew home to Luftar’iel. There he informed the family of Torias’ situation and of the destruction of Kellbane. Furious, Torias’ father pronounced his son dach’ma-chey, non-existent, and made Curazon the heir. Jadzia defended Torias before her father, claiming that one in love did not deserve this punishment and showing that it was the gnolls, not Torias, who had destroyed Kellbane but this only got her exiled from the city herself (Jadzia continues to search for her brother, using the earring she gave him to track him down). As punishment for his deeds, Torias’ father traveled to his home and told Torias of his fate. Then, before Torias and Lenya, his father magically removed all knowledge of Luftar’iel, Kellbane, Lorelei, Torias’ quest to retrieve the sword, and his battle with the gnolls. Then, after recovering the shield, ring, and the sundered halves of Kellbane, he left.

Torias thereafter threw himself into caring for his family, knowing that almost 25 years of his life and all it’s attendant skills had been stolen by his father, but not knowing who his father was or where he came from. Soon, a new group of Wegwuir migrated to the site of Lenya’s village and after a time, accepted Torias and his family as part of the tribe. After 3 years, and at his wife’s urging, Torias left his home to both earn money for his wife and children and to hopefully recapture his lost memories.

Torias Lightbringer

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