Kiamyr Loroth

Former Inquisitor of Lolth, now Priestess of Ellistrae


Born in Erelhei-Cinlu, Kiamyr Loroth began her life training for the priesthood of Lolth, but it was decided before she took her initial vows that she would be more capable as an inquisitor.

For more than 40 years, Kiamyr ferreted out those among the Spider Queen’s faith who were less than loyal, or who has even left the faith for other deities. She took a distinctly savage pleasure in bringing low the mighty, but eventually she found her comeuppance in the form of Ulayda of House Tormtor.

Initiated into the Order of the Tangled Web, Kiamyr worked under Ulayda and the two soon became lovers. So great was her love for Ulayda that when she learned that her beloved had in fact turned from Lolth to serve Ellistrae, she actually kept the secret for a year before she was forced to turn her lover in.

Watching Ulayda tortured to death is what finally broke Kiamyr. Though she showed no outward sign of her distress, in her heart she cursed the priestess-hood, fled the city, and eventually came to a cavern very near the surface where a crack in the ceiling admitted the moonlight.

There in the moonlight she pledged herself to Ellistrae, and was led by an archon sent by her new goddess to a portal leading to the City of Greyhawk, where she was directed to establish a small shrine to the Dancing Goddess.

Kiamyr Loroth

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