Keldeacon Synvas

Avariel Kineticist


Keldeacon Synvas is the only child of Chief Vyros Synvas and Issyria Sybil. Keldeacon’s birth was heralded by a number of unusual occurrences, each occurrence more spectacular than most, one such event even unnerved the clans protector the Ligan dragon Absylona a creature that does not spook quickly or easily, this event also had her taking a bigger role in Keldeacon’s life then she ever took with anyone else.

Keldeacon’s formative years where not easy as his father Vyros who was also the Clan chief and did not have as much time for Keldeacon as either would like since Issyria supposedly died in childbirth. Keldeacon was different in many ways the most obvious was his look as he got older his hair slowly shifted from the races normal coloration of black or white to a more reddish orange color also his wings which where white quickly shifted to a mix of white and blue feathers. The clan was able to partially accept the hair as the clans’ clerics and even Absylona heralded that as a sign that Keldeacon was special but would not go any farther than that, but the wings where something that where difficult for them to accept especially within the clan chiefs heir. But because he was the son of the chief they accepted it some more grudgingly then others. This acceptance did not always lend itself towards Keldeacon’s peers within whom many of them taunted him mercilessly, which caused him to isolate himself as he grew up Chief among them was Nayl Shyeel a beautiful and very much sought after female, who was also the same age as Kel as they were born within a few minutes of each other and where as thick as thieves.

Outside of Nayl the only other person who would spend time with Kel was Absylona, who has been the protector of the Clan for longer than anyone can remember. Absylona told Kel and Nayl the story of how she became the clans’ protector. Kel and Nayl are also one of the few people living that know the truth about what she is. As the only other people that know are Vyros the Clan Chief and Ilos the High Cleric the rest of the clan only knows that she is powerful and ancient. As to why she told the two children is not known. But they did speculate a lot but neither of them had the answer.

As the years progressed their friendship grew even more, and grew beyond friendship. What neither of them new was that Keldeacon was harboring a secret that would change their lives forever. Because at the age of 12 years old odd things started to occur, everything from glass shattering to items getting thrown around. Initially neither of them thought much about it until one time it almost killed Nayl when out of nowhere she got pushed into a tree with enough force to knock her out. When she came to they decided it was beyond time to tell someone.

Too scared to talk with either of their parents they went to the only other person they trusted that was Absylona. The dragon quickly assessed the situation and told Nayl to go home and went to speak with Keldeacons father about the situation who quickly contacted the Head Cleric.

For the next week and a half without much in the way of free time or even rest Keldeacon’s father Vyros, the High Cleric Ilos and the Dragon Absylona all realized they could not help as the abilities that Keldeacon have been manifesting do not follow any of the patterns that would indicate that they are magical or divine in origin. So Absylona threw out the idea that Keldeacon might be Psionic or the power of the mind as she describes it, and offered to contact someone she knew that might be able to shed some light on the subject. As neither Vyros nor Ilos had ever encountered or even heard of this ability and the fact that they trust Absylona was the only reason they accepted her idea.

About a week later a strangely dressed elf teleported at the entrance of the Clans area and was escorted to Vyros and was introduced as Saeryn, a Dragaeran from a far flung Empire, Apparently he is the top student of an old friend of Absylona who was too busy to come himself so he sent Saeryn to help out. In the span of a few minutes Saeryn new exactly what was going on with Keldeacon, and said that he would be able to train him. That one pronouncement changed his life forever.

For the next few years while he was training he spent a good portion of his time at home in the Lortmils, and the rest of the time with his teacher back in the Dragaeran Empire. While in the Empire he learned his craft at the feat of both his teacher and Saeryns teacher Daymar. Much of his time in the Empire when he was not training was his own. This gave him the opportunity to explore this new land and a few of its wonders, as he never had all that much in the way of money he could never fully experience it to its full extent but to the little he did he enjoyed.

About a year ago he returned home permanently or he hoped as his initial training was completed, even though he does keep in touch with Saeryn. Upon his return his relationship with his childhood friend and flame rekindled, even though his time away and her position as one of the ranger guards meant there relationship is a bit strained and there time together has been a bit limited. But things still seem to be moving apace. But as one born under strange signs and portents his life is not to be a quiet one.

Two months after Keldeacon’s return, Absylona up and disappears, this is a bit unsettling to Vyros and Ilos, not the disappearance as the dragon is known to go afield at times but she normally lets one of them know but this time she told no one that she was leaving or where she was going. The two waited for a good month and a half with no word on Absylona or her whereabouts. So they did the only thing they could they sent Keldeacon as he was one of the few members of the clan that has had significant contact with the outside world.

A day before Keldeacon left, he spent the time with Nayl, while Illos and the rest of the Clerics spent that time trying to divine where Absylona went. There was not much to go on and not even their goddess Aerdrie Faenya was able or willing to give much more information other than it had to be Keldeacon and that he had to go alone. She then gave Keldeacon a Cryptic dream and a vision of a man in a full suit of armor and vision of the City of Greyhawk, plus a roundabout route to get there which gave Keldeacon the impression that he had some trials to go through before he arrived at Greyhawk, and that once he arrived at this city his Trials where not complete.

One such trial which is still a bit of a blur and still not completely clear to Keldeacon somehow activated the latent powers and apparently intelligence of the psychoactive skin that was given to him as a gift by his Teacher upon the completion of his training. When he was gifted the item by Saeryn he was told that it was an ancient Psionic item that as far as he could tell held untapped potential but it would be up to Keldeacon to discover what they were. The incident that activated the latent abilities was the event that would herald the end of his trip and would lead him towards Greyhawk city.

That was six month ago now, and Keldeacon has been in Greyhawk for the past week and a half. Keldeacon is as confused as ever, as he is still not sure what Trials Aerdrie mentioned where, neither did that trip give him much more insight on where Absylona might be, or why she would leave without telling anyone.

Keldeacon Synvas

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