Hero of Critwall


Justinian is a 23 year old atomie, originally from the Hindenwode Forest in Furyondy. When the local knights rode off to fight in the Greyhawk Wars, Justinian tagged along, hoping to win some glory for himself. Most of the Knights of the Hart who had ridden to battle derided him for his small size and general uselessness, but a Knight of the Holy Shielding named Incosee befriended him, and used him as a courier during the Battle of Critwall Bridge in 582.

After the battle, Justinian received an honorary knighthood among the Knights of Holy Shielding, and Incosee inducted him into the Bronze Band, as well. Since the end of the Greyhawk Wars, Justinian has wandered the lands surrounding the Nyr Dyv, mainly Furyondy and the Domain of Greyhawk, searching for adventure.



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