Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra

A unique molydeus demon in the service of knowledge.


The Fiend-Sage is twelve feet tall. It wields a staff of about the same height with glowing blades and a ruby pommel. Its hands are clawed and it has two heads: one that resembles a hyena and one that resembles a serpent. It wears black robes embroidered with violet flames and a cloak made from human skin.

The Fiend-Sage is, not surprisingly, a sage, studying and collecting rare books, exotic beasts, magic items, and spells. It usually knows how to mitigate the baneful effects of artifacts on demons; for example, it was immune to the banishment effect of the Crook of Rao, perhaps because it was able to study the artifact during the period when it was in Drax’s possession.

In return for a place to do his research, the Fiend-Sage provides Drax with advice and information. Apart from Drax, the Fiend-Sage has no known master.

The Fiend-Sage is the head of a network of spies, agents, slaves, and allies, including some skilled magic-users and thieves. Some adventuring parties serve its interests without ever realizing they work for a demon.

The history of the Fiend-Sage prior to coming to the service of Drax is unknown.


Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra

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