Chornalth Adventures - Liga

Arc 3, Episode 35, the First Mark

The Belly of the Beast

Our journey began: 11th of Coldeven, 599 C.Y.
It is the 10th of Goodmonth, 600 C.Y.

Our companions:

Alexia Aerogenesis, Human Cleric (Murlynd) and Giselle, Alexia’s cohort,
Elerra Vae, Drow Cleric (Ellistrae)/Sorcerer
Flotsam “Sam” Stormsurge, Animan (octopus aspect) Rogue/Alchemist
Meroln Sands, Half-elf Fighter
Squizzles, Kobold Bard
Wilfred Fizzlebang, Gnome Summoner & Mekkatorque, his eidolon.

The descent down to the surface of Celene took most of the following day, and on the morning of the 11th the party disembarked the Vlon’s Fury II and began exploring the upper, outer works of the pyramidal spellweaver node.

Sam did a bit of exploring inside the stacks that led inside the node, but didn’t see much of interest. Those waiting outside noticed that waves of arcane energy could be seen/felt washing over the area like a gentle breeze, but the energy was too diffuse and erratic to be of much concern. Eventually Sam re-emerged from the stacks, and the group made their way down to the main entrance.

After a short period of time, the group encountered the first guardians of the node, a pair of clockwork golems (Cabaren) that guarded a shaft that led deeper into the facility. As Sam was the first to close with them, Sam was shot repeatedly by the strange projectile weapons that they bore. These “ribbon guns” fired a trio of barbed knitting-needle like projectiles that trailed bright red ribbon into the wound. Sam quaffed a healing potion, which while it alleviated most of the damage, it made it twice as difficult to remove the needles after the fight was over. In the end, Mekkatorque clobbered one and sent it falling down the shaft (Squizzles tried grabbing the gun from the falling Cabaren, only to discover that it was fixed into place, and narrowly avoided dropping with it). Alexia had gained control of the other, and following her command for it to attack the other, it stepped off into the dark shaft to pursue it’s quarry.

When the group reached the bottom of the shaft, they found only the remains of the one they’d destroyed, the other having gone off down the corridor in the direction they wanted to go. About halfway to their ultimate destination, the group encountered a Prismatic Sphere blocking the corridor, but they used Dimension Door to avoid it.

At the end of the corridor, they finally located the chamber that held the device they’d been sent to retrieve, but it was guarded by a mix of more Cabaren, dire wights, and a number of black skeletons wielding kukris. The lack of air presented some problems, as most of Squizzle’s buffs required sound to be effective, and Elerra’s most effective spells required minds (or air) to be effective, as well. Eventually, on the far side of the room, a wizened mythic-level spellweaver lich showed itself, and it quickly became the target of everyone.

As we ended for the evening, the lich had just stepped back inside it’s Prismatic Sphere, right after it had encased Wilfred and Mekkatorque inside a massive block of ice…

It is the 11th of Goodmonth, 600 CY…



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