Chornalth Adventures - Liga

Arc 2,Episode 39, the Stone Archway

To the Moon, Alice!

Our Journey began the 11th of Coldeven, 599 CY.
Last session it was the 2nd of Harvester, 600 CY.

Our Merry band consists of the following:

Alianna, olven wizard,
Elzedar, mongrelman rogue (absent),
Firax1s, fraal psion (absent),
Kitiana, human cleric of Mystra,
Taz, human knight, and his dwarven manservant, Lassiter,
T’riss, drow sorcerer/cleric of Elistraee and introducing:
Aurelia Flametress, half-olven bard,
Drago of the Earthmauler Clan, human barbarian, and finally
Rin, olven rogue.

We ended our last session with Kitiana preparing to take Alexander’s body home to his family. At the last moment, Elissa decided to accompany her, and the three of them passed through the portal out of the ship. The rest of the group exited the vast metal fortress (the coordinates of which Firax1s relayed to his own people for assessment) and were soon whisked back to the Pinnacles and Lady Aurelius’ palace. She almost immediately sent them off to their rooms, where each felt an immense lethargy overtake them, some before they even reached their beds.

The next ‘morning’ the group assembled for breakfast and were greeted by a quartet of strangers in the Lady’s company. Aurelius introduced them as Aurelia and Drago of the Earthmauler clan of the Wolf Nomads, Rin, an olven rogue from the Vesve, and Mordenkainen, “whom some of you may have heard of”. Taking over the conversation, Mordenkainen explained that nearly three weeks had passed since they had returned to the Pinnacles, as he had prevailed upon Aurelius to keep them bound in slumber until this very morning.

To the mix of shock and outrage of the existing members of the group, Mordenkainen explained that he had asked this boon of Aurelius so that the group’s ‘competitors’ would have ample time to advance their own plans; which apparently included the kidnapping of Kitiana sometime after her departure from their company. Several members of the group, on hearing this, demanded a chance to rescue her, and Mordenkainen simply smiled and bade them to do so… without his help. Their enemies, he explained, were already encamped mere hours away from the Celestial Arch, and their somewhat brute force approach to having it take them where they wanted to go would likely leave it as ‘broken’ as the prophesy predicted.

Instead, he offered them the use of another, albeit also damaged, gateway into the past. Tovag Baragu, he explained, had been damaged many years previously in a battle between Iuz and Vecna, but that at the precise moment of the sun touching the horizon today, the stones flanking the setting sun would lead anyone walking between them to the same point in space, only 50,250 years in the past. The Celestial Arch, he further explained, would be still functioning in that time, and would be unlikely to be guarded by any fanatics following Celestian.

Seeing this as their only hope of rescuing Kitiana, the group left the Pinnacles on a huge flying carpet provided by Mordenkainen, reached the stone circles with minutes to spare, and made their way into the past. Their own carpet was soon unfurled, and many hours later they arrived at the town of Gathmyre, a bustling outpost of the giants who oversaw the Archway in their own time.

The party, edging the way cautiously to the encampment, met first with a caravan of dwarves, who sang the praises of the giants and their wares; soon thereafter, using a variety of translating spells and pidgin dwarfish, made their desire to pass through the gate for reasons of travel made known to the Huchard, as the giants called themselves. None of those present had seen or heard of either Kitiana or her captors, though all knew of brewing trouble in the West, where the ‘little brothers’ (men) lived.

On the far side of the portal, the group took refuge in the city of Sharu’mosna, where they encountered more Huchard as well as their allies, the ubiquitous and vaguely subservient Sibbecai, a race of humanoids with the heads like those on a greyhound. Aurelia quickly became something of a sensation performing at the inn closest to the Arch, and two nights later, in the thick of a heavy thunderstorm, the Arch could be seen to fluoresce in deep violet hues and rang like a bell as it flashed with a light so bright that it blinded most of the party for several rounds.

Emerging from the gate came nearly forty horsemen on steeds of black iron, who, as quickly as they could, rose high into the sky. The group tried to give chase on their flying carpet (after webbing themselves into place) but quickly lost the trail. As we parted for another evening, they had alighted on a small island in the middle of a vast ocean…

It is now the 17th of Goron, 3156 E.T.



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