Chornalth Adventures - Liga

Arc 2, Session 30, the Stone Archway

We now return to our regularly scheduled campaign....

Our Journey began the 11th of Coldeven, 599 CY.
Last session it was the 3rd of Flocktime, 600 CY.

Our Merry band consists of the following:

Akono, human gamba fighter,
Alexander, human swashbuckler,
Alianna, olven wizard,
Elzedar, mongrelman rogue
Emerald, human fighter,
Firax1s, fraal psion,
Kitiana, human cleric of Mystra,
Omi, human druid,
Tahiri, human jedi and
Taz, human fighter and his dwarven manservant, Lassiter.

Arriving in Palanthus, the group was met at the docks by Sir Mintet d’Avere, captain of the city watch. They were given invitations to dine that evening at the Mayoral estate, and even given vouchers with which to purchase clothing appropriate to the occasion. Many of the party elected to add their own funds to those granted by the city, to purchase even more elaborate attire.

Though everyone had a fine time at the ball in their honor, one incident did occur; Kitiana and Omi spotted a waiter who was not what he seemed; rather than a simple human, he appeared to their eyes to be a gnome masquerading in the guise of a human; this figure escaped before he could be caught and interrogated, however.

While at the ball, Tahiri met some old friends of her father’s, who knew of a companion who had spoken once of the Fists of Sargon; on his advice the party set out the next day for the dwarven nation of Thorbardin, which was near to the monastery the Fists inhabited.

Many days later, the group arrived on the southern slopes of the Khalkist Mts., where they soon located the monastery. Vast tracts of farmland circled the place, tended by hobgoblins and men, working together. As they approached the monastery, they were met by a young acolyte named Tavok who gave them a brief tour, and politely informed Tahiri that Master Gosp was not currently in residence.

After their tour, the party retreated to their camp a few miles away to think. Tahiri received a vision of Gosp’s return and subsequent departure, and Kitiana’s divination revealed that having come so far, it was too soon to depart. That night, while Omi underwent the rituals to attract a new animal companion, Elzedar sought a hidden entrance to the monastery and found one, one that held secrets of interest to Firax1s…

Beneath the stables at the foot of the 2000 steps that led to the monastery, Elzedar found a trap door that led to some secret passages that led within the monastery; he also found a room containing almost a hundred mechanical warriors with strange symbols on each of their breasts that Elzedar was certain were numbers. A nearby chamber held a device that appeared to tear a hole in space between two arcs of electricity, through which a wooded field could be observed.

The next morning, the group entered the monastery shortly after dawn revealed the return of ‘Master’ Gosp and his flying ship, only to find the mechanical men missing and the other machine powered down. Tahiri destroyed the available equipment with her lightsaber, then the group attempted to brazen their way through the monastery using robes stolen from the laundry…

Several armored strangers in ill fitting robes were quickly herded into one of the courtyards, where a number of monks, masters, and a smattering of the mechanicals could deal with the invaders…

It is now the 27th of Flocktime, 600 CY.



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