Chornalth Adventures - Liga

Arc 2, Session 20, the Stone Archway

New Friends & Old

Our Journey began the 11th of Coldeven, 599 CY.
Last session it was the 24th of Patchwall, 599 CY.

Our Merry band consists of the following:

Elzedar, mongrelman rogue
Alexander, human swashbuckler,
Kitiana, human cleric of Mystra,
Alianna, olven wizard,
Akono, human gamba fighter, and, introducing:
Tahiri, human jedi, and
Adira, weretiger monk.

On their slow trek back to town after last week’s midnight revel, most of the party met two travelers on the road, and after some talk, brought them back to their inn to discuss a more permanent alliance.

Tahiri of Athenia, a newly minted knight of her order, was on the trail of a mysterious figure who had slain her master, and who had escaped the scene in some sort of flying vessel. Rumors and intuition had led her here to the Land of Black Ice in search of retribution.

Adira, daughter of Andrella and Lance, formerly of the Spindrift Isles, was following her own instincts in an effort to lift the curse of lycanthropy that had plagued the females of her family for centuries, as well as to hopefully find a way to force the olves to allow her people to return to their homes.

After a night’s discussion, it was agreed that the two groups would join forces for a time. The next morning the group awakened to the sound of bells, and quickly saw that two large caravans were pulling into town, and that the city was rapidly turning into something of a carnival. Everyone was quick to notice that the local population of half-orcs and other humanoids had also increased significantly.

After a day’s worth of shopping, the group returned to their inn that night only to be quickly dragged away by Alexander, who had caught wind that one of the Tandover clan was in town. A quick search of the nearby whorehouses soon turned him out, but to Alex’s surprise it wasn’t Janus but his younger brother Kaleth. Akono, whose grasp of the situation was somewhat shaky, nearly escalated it into wholesale bloodshed when he attacked Kaleth in his perceived ‘sneaking up on’ his friend.

Once everything was sorted out, Kaleth revealed that he had neither seen nor heard from his brother in several years, and that since war was usually bad for his business, he could see no future in looking him up. On noticing that Kitiana was a foreigner, he mentioned another group of foreigners he’d encountered two weeks past in Blackmoor Town, twins named Deth and Lordik, a pair of certifiable nuts who thought that in the future, dead dragons would come to rule the world…

Kitiana recognized the names of the Gulgathor twins, a mage and priest who were known members of of the Cult of the Dragon in her homeland. While she did not know them directly, her past dealings with the cult had all been decidedly negative, and she quickly convinced the group that they needed to be stopped before they enacted whatever plan they were setting in motion.

Locals who were willing to answer questions told of an old white dragon named Illinax who had been known to lair up on the glacier somewhere in years past, but who had not bothered anyone in nearly four decades. Tahiri retired to her room upstairs to meditate, and was rewarded with a vision of the twins and their retinue of guides and associates descending into a deep crevasse in the ice to a floor that was littered with bones. Clearly there was no time to be lost!

Two weeks later they were making their own descent into that same crack in the ice, already having lived through one night of Adira hunting elk rather than two legged prey. Wanting to finish things before the moon rose again, they made excellent time getting to the bottom and into the vast cave that they found there.

Soon after Elzedar went in to scout he returned, reporting that the barbarians were laying a trap for them. Heedless of that threat, the group pressed on, and what should have been a simple reverse ambush reversed itself again when the barbarian guides were transposed with a pair of ambush drakes…

As we broke for the evening, the main barbarian force was just reaching the cul-de-sac in which the battle was being fought; one drake was down, as was Kitiana, who had been felled from behind by the spells of the mage and the cleric as they sprung their ambush exactly as they had planned…

It is now the 14th of Ready’reat, 599 CY.
XP: forthcoming



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