Chornalth Adventures - Liga

Arc 2, Session 16, the Stone Archway

Damn, she makes Jabba look slim!

Our Journey began the 11th of Coldeven, 599 CY.
Last session it was the 24th of Goodmonth, 599 CY.

Our Merry band consists of the following:

Elzedar, mongrelman rogue
Losien, elf rouge/wizard,
Tal4en, fraal psion,
Alexander, human swashbuckler,
Kitiana, human cleric of Mystra,
Alianna, olven wizard, and
Akono, human gamba fighter.

We left our intrepid band preparing to leave Gul Shaledep without a real destination in mind. While the menfolk argued destinations in the street, Alianna and Kitiana wandered off alone, and were soon accosted by a repulsive crone who looked to have a fair amount of orcish blood. “Yorglok awaits you in the hills!” she intoned, after carefully scrutinizing them both and sniffing them a bit.

Returning to the group, they shared the experience, and a few questions in the local’s ears revealed that Yorglok was the name of a hill giant matriarch nearly 80 years past who had terrorized the region until her sons were all slain in battle and her tribe had turned against her. Thought by most to be dead, they were told she was a story now told to frighten children.

Undismayed by this information, the group rode out of town heading north into the Rakers, hoping to locate some trace of the whoever (or whatever) was waiting for them. The group promptly became lost, and wandered aimlessly for several hours until accosted by a sizable force of orcs. Initially the orcs merely wanted their horses, but when asked about Yorglok, they grudgingly agreed to lead the group, under heavy guard, to her location.

Hours later they were led into a large camp populated chiefly by orcs, and a few very young hill giants. Led into the largest of the buildings there, they met Yorglok, who was both incredibly ancient and massively fat (even for a hill giant). Though her eyesight was clearly poor, she stared at Alianna and Kitiana both, murmuring about them carrying the scent of ‘dragonscale and old magic’.

Both women made obvious displays of respect, and asked her why they’d been told she was waiting for them. In her youth, the matriarch revealed, she’d had a vision that she felt involved these two women, born of different races and widely flung lands of origin. The prophesy, which we are assured rhymed much better in it’s original Giantish, follows:

“In ages lost, once all were one, Our kingdom strongest beneath the sun.
Then men rose up with war machines to make our lifeblood run in streams.
Strangers came bearing silver flame, from the future, past, before magic’s wane.
Arrows eight with hidden faces, broke our Gate to other places.
Where once the lines were clearly drawn, now disorder ruled the Dawn.
Dragons, men, and Giants sundered, In Darkness sealed, so is it wondered?
We feel the loss of our better souls; turn for turn beneath the Poles….”

Though there was clearly more to the prophesy, Yorglok did not choose to share it at this time. Thanking her for her time, the group made a hasty retreat, protected, for the moment, by the matriarch’s proclamation that they were to be allowed to leave in peace.

Tal4en, for his part, felt that the beginning of the prophesy told of an ancient human empire that once united all, but this theory fell apart, coming as it did from a giant. Nobody missed the eight arrows with hidden faces; clearly, the Mabelrodians were involved somehow, and the Gate mentioned might involve the Celestial Arch that Kitiana had seen in her own vision.

However, the group still felt that they were not yet ready to face the Church of Celestian directly. Traveling south to Rel Mord, they did meet with the Celestines to further investigate the capsule which Progillius Oransiir had arrived in, which had been relocated to there after their initial studies in Trigol. They learned that on his last ‘visit’ to the site, he had broken into the temple at night with the assistance of a group of fire hobgoblins, who, previous to that night, had served loyally on the City Watch since the end of the wars. The party quickly put two and two together and realized that they’d already encountered a group of fire hobgoblins with some fairly outlandish devices not so many weeks past…

Checking over the capsule, Tal4en soon came to the opinion that it was perhaps the most advanced clockwork mechanism he’d ever seen, a masterwork item of truly impressive capabilities. Though this didn’t give the group any insight as to who had built it, it did remind them that they’d found a map in the tower the hobgoblins had held that charted a course to the north, not from the north as they had originally surmised….

Deciding that the easiest path north led through Perrenland, the party traveled west through Urnst, crossed the Nyr Dyv, rode through Furyondy, Veluna and Ket, finally arriving at the feet of the Clatspurs nearly destitute. Having been warned that the pass through the Clatspurs as treacherous with bandit activity (fueled by a wizened cleric named Maerdan (the Black) and his lieutenant, Flavius, whose base of operations was the thrice damned resurgent Temple of Wounds located in the mountains), the group decided to accompany a caravan through the pass, seeking protection in numbers while earning a few gold as guards on the journey.

When we ended for the night, the party was fending off a large force of hobgoblins, and, having sustained several serious wounds and counting themselves outnumbered, began discussing secondary character concepts… but the fight was far from over.

It is now the 6th of Brewfest, 599 CY.
XP: Forthcoming



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