Chornalth Adventures - Liga

Arc 2, Episode 36, the Stone Archway

And so it begins...

Our Journey began the 11th of Coldeven, 599 CY.
Last session it was the 21st of Goodmonth, 600 CY.

Our Merry band consists of the following:

Alexander, human swashbuckler,
Alianna, olven wizard,
Elissa, olven bard,
Elzedar, mongrelman rogue
Firax1s, fraal psion,
Kitiana, human cleric of Mystra,
Tahiri, human jedi,
Taz, human knight and his dwarven manservant, Lassiter, and, introducing,
T’riss, drow sorcerer/cleric of Elistraee.

We left our band in the midst of introductions with Lady Aurelius, which devolved into a long RP session. Being as the Lady was a sage specializing in Draco/Giant history, she filled the group in on what she called The Fall of the Giants, wherein the so-called Firstborn of the Titans went from being a noble race of craftsmen and protectors to the fractured and fractious rival breeds that are known today. Mix in generous doses of treachery, both human and demonic, and a war of dominance with the Draconic Conclave, and she put many of the group’s questions to rest.

Throughout the course of this tale, Tahiri grew more and more tense, finally fleeing the library and barricading herself in her room. It was soon learned that the Princess of Athenia had been kidnapped as a child and held captive by dragon-kin for six years before being freed, and so much talk of draconic rule and whatnot was beginning to cause her quite a bit of discomfort. Probing her deeply with her mind, Aurelius also discovered to Tahiri’s great alarm that she was pregnant! Shocked and confused about how this was possible (she insisted that she was a virgin), the young Jedi finally calmed herself and sought answers from the Force.

While Lady Aurelius returned to her other guests, Tahiri spent several hours in a trance. Though the mechanism and the circumstances remained unclear, Tahiri eventually accepted that she was, in fact, pregnant. Moreover, she learned that the father of the child (a son) she was carrying was that of her companion, Taz! Moreover, she learned that this son had a strong destiny, both in the Force and in mundane affairs, as he would serve as the nexus for a new knighthood that would reunite the shattered precincts of the Great Kingdom and usher in a long period of peace and prosperity. The only caveat to this was that Taz could not know, for if he knew, he would forsake the path he currently walked, and the world would be the worse for it.

Returning to her companions, Tahiri announced that she would not be able to continue with them, as she had learned of a “family matter” that took precedence. She made her goodbyes, and, with the loan of a hippogriff from the Lady’s stables, departed. After this bit of drama, having baited her hook, Lady Aurelius began setting it. She told the others of a way in which they could safely activate and utilize that Celestine Arch they knew of in the Barrier Peaks, and would share this info… for a price. It seemed that one of the younger sons of the fire giants back in the Occupied Lands had discovered a strange metal door that led into a vast fortress that the Lady could neither scry into nor fit herself through, as something at the portal dispelled magic as it passed.

Various divinations she had performed, however, indicated that if the fire giant mastered the unknown magic that was held within the fortress, the giants would have the strength to expand their borders once again, bringing even more human lands under their dominion. So the party, with the addition of a certain sorcerer/cleric the Lady vouched for, entered the strange metal hallways beyond the door.

As we ended for the evening, Kitiana had addressed a strange humanoid looking robot , who lurched in her direction and attempted to grapple her onto the nearby (operating) table…

It is now the 28th of Goodmonth, 600 C.Y.



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