Chornalth Adventures - Liga

Arc 2, Episode 25, the Puzzle Box


Our journey began: 11th of Coldeven, 599 C.Y.
It is the 28th of Flocktime, 600 C.Y.

Our companions:

Alexia Aerogenesis, Human Cleric of Murlynd
Elerra Vae, Drow Cleric (Ellistrae)/Sorcerer
Flotsam “Sam” Stormsurge, Animan (octopus aspect) Rogue/Alchemist
Meroln Sands, Half-elf Fighter
Squizzles, Kobold Bard
Wilfred Fizzlebang, Gnome Summoner & Mekkatorque, his eidolon.

Meroln and Sam quickly moved to dispatch the spiders in the alley, and Elerra blasted the drow hiding in the kitchen with an acid-elemental Mythic Fireball, which finished off all but one of the spiders, killed the goblin sorcerer, and severely weakened the drow. Meroln quickly dispatched the remaining drow as Elerra moved through the wagon in the alley trying to spot the snow elves on the rooftops. As the excitement died down inside the inn, Wilfred used a Teleport to send himself, Mekkatorque, Sam and Meroln to one of the nearby rooftops where he’d previously seen the snow elves in Elerra’s crystal ball. The snow elves were already gone.

As the battle in and around the inn wound down, the city watch began to arrive. Meroln and Alexia took turns trying to explain the situation, which seemed to only grow worse, as the guards quickly recognized Tomoso as Lord Venne (who, as it turned out, was the brother-in-law of the Mayor’s sister, as well as a very highly placed member of the local thieves’ guild). Lord Venne disavowed his sole remaining retainer, and, as Meroln whispered to him that he owed him his life, he made his exit.

When the local watch captain, Arturo Tand, recognized Alexia as a noblewoman, the tenor of the questions changed and the interview began to go much smoother. Eventually the owner of Galasso’s Gate appeared, and after surveying the damage, told the group as well as his other guests that the inn would be closing for repairs. The party then briefly sought refuge in the common room of the Pig & Otyugh before deciding that Teleporting to Narwell was probably a better choice.

The following morning they Teleported to Narwell, and were received by Baron & Lady Aerogenesis at their manor in the city. Plans for their castle were drawn up, and plans for a road from Narwell to that location were also planned. The group also reviewed with the Baron what he knew of the Black Rook Company, as well as their leadership.

The Baron said that he had known Elias Tandovr as a young man, and had often employed his mercenaries for a variety of conflicts. Unlike many mercenary companies, he said that the Black Rook preferred active campaigning to garrison detail, and cited the Northern Leering Keep at the Riftcanyon as their current organizational HQ. The Baron also stated that of late, Janos Tandovr had been known to associate with the leader of the “false priests” of Mabelrode, who currently made Riftcrag as their base of operations.

When asked specifically about Jaliseem, the Baron’s face could be seen to wrinkle in distaste. He revealed that in addition to being Janos’ twin, that she specialized in battlefield illusions, sculpting terrain and hiding troop movements. A keen and devious mind, he called her, one accustomed to controlling everyone and everything around her.

Later that evening, Elerra attempted to scry the keep, but was overcome by the sensation that something powerful and evil was staring back at her, ready to reach through her crystal ball and snuff her out. Hearing her tale, Squizzles guessed that there was a chance that an elder demonic form, an obyrith perhaps, was bound to the very walls of the structure guarding it against scrying in it’s own special way.

When we parted, the group had spent several days in the Aerogenesis manor, going over designs for their border fortress and planning their next moves…

It is the 4th of Wealsun, 600 CY.



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