Chornalth Adventures - Liga

Arc 2, Episode 15, Howl in the North

Now THAT'S a fire!

Our journey began: 11th of Coldeven, 599 C.Y.
It is the 14th of Sunsebb, 599 C.Y.

Our companions:

Alexia Aerogenesis, Human Cleric of Murlynd
Elerra Vae, Drow Cleric (Ellistrae)/Sorcerer
Flotsam “Sam” Stormsurge, Animan (octopus aspect) Rogue/Alchemist
Meroln Sands, Half-elf Fighter
Squizzles, Kobold Bard
Wilfred Fizzlebang, Gnome Summoner

As Wilfred and Elerra pressed their attack on the riders, Alexia flew to join them as the rest of the party made their way into the keep from the roof. As Elerra used her Wand of Fireballs to rain fire down on the fleeing werewolves, Wilfred (by way of Mekkatorque) and Alexis also did some damage, but eventually they tired of this sport and rejoined the others, initially heedless of the fires they’d set in the process.

On their way back to the tower, however, they encountered the first guard who had fled, now in full wolf form, running to join his pack. They trapped and killed him for his trouble.

Their search of the tower revealed that all of the werewolves had fled, leaving behind their treasure and a caged feline (black and silver tabby) that fled as soon as Meroln released it. By the time the group was finished looting the tower, the forest fire had spread to both sides of the road, and Meroln, the only one who either lacked the ability to Fly or was too heavy to be carried along by those who did, was forced to run the 1/8th of a mile gauntlet through the fire wrapped in wet rags.

Once through the worst of it, the group returned to the village of Maddle’s Run to warn them of the fire (deftly not mentioning how or who started it, though the villagers all clearly had their suspicions). They then spent most of the night helping to dig fire breaks and otherwise help defend the town and fields from the fire. Then they slept until nightfall of the following day, noticed that the cat they’d “rescued” had made it’s way to town, tried befriending it, then retired for the evening.

The following morning over breakfast, the group witnessed an older villager rounding up several cronies to go grab some “freebies”. Following the villagers, the group re-encountered three of the werewolves’ mounts, which they then eventually tracked back to a cave behind a waterfall near a hot spring. Working their way inside the cave (while avoiding the treacherous ground around the springs), Wilfred thought that the craftsmanship of the tunnel might be gnomish.

The first chamber they encountered had a “wet” floor (something that the tunnel leading to it seemed well designed to prevent). Sam spider climbed his way to the door leading our of the room. He noted two semi-circular grooves cut into the floor of the room, along the side walls, and while checking the door for traps spotted one that seemed designed to dump the everburning torch by the door (or, rather, the ember concealed beneath it) into the oil covering the floor of the room. Having disabled that trap (more by accident than design), he then heard the sound of a hand drill against the far side of the door, and when it finally burst through, he quickly skewered the metal tube that emerged from the hole with his scimitar, but his vigorous thrust also succeeded in wedging his rapier in the hole, as well. Meroln, who had been biding his time, also chose to charge the door at this time, slamming it open (without breaking the blade of Sam’s rapier) and attacking the werewolf on the far side. The werewolf in question breathed fire like a dragon, singeing Meroln and setting the oil in the chamber aflame.

In the same moment, the two side walls of the chamber pivoted, unleashing a small horde of werewolves who began attacking everyone within reach. Wilfred Dimension Doored in behind the werewolf Meroln was attacking, but it managed to tumble past him and fled down the hall, eventually leaping into a pool located at the end of the hall.

As we broke for the evening, the fight in the chamber was still going, while bubbles were all that was left of the lead werewolf’s trail…

It is the 16th of Sunsebb, 599 CY.



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